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Dr. Rowin's Fee Schedule

New Patients: 10 minute initial phone consultation- No Charge

This initial phone consultation gives you the opportunity to see if the doctor's style of medicine is the best fit for you.

Initial Comprehensive Visit- $525
During your first visit, the doctor will spend one to two hours to review and discuss your chief concerns and medical history.  Typically, she likes to gather lab work, scans and other testing and research your case after your initial visit.  This will allow her to give you the most comprehensive care.  Follow-up appointments are schedules 1-3 weeks after the initial appointment. 

The cost of the initial visit depends upon the time and complexity of the visit.  Most new patient visits are approximately 1.5 hours.

  • New Patient Intake $525

  • $205 for additional 30 minutes to new patient consult

Continuing Patients Follow-up Visit- $320

After the Initial Comprehensive Visit, the doctor will schedule an in-office follow-up appointment to check-in on the progress of a treatment and to go over any lab work, imaging or other testing ordered from the initial visit.  Depending on the case, this can also be done over the phone and or video conferencing if the patient does not live locally.  Typically, a follow-up visit after the initial visit costs $320.  The fee is based upon the time and complexity of the follow-up.

  • $175 for up to 30 min

  • $320 for 31-60 min

  • $525 for 61-90 min


Email correspondence and phone calls
We strive to make our care as convenient as possible for our patients.  However, any email that requires a complex answer or any phone call that takes more than 5 minutes of the Doctor’s time will carry a fee similar to a follow-up visit.

Refill requests-$50
Any refill request outside of a regularly scheduled office visit will carry additional fees.

Cancellation Policy
A deposit on $100 is required for all new patient appointments.  Please let us know as soon as possible prior to your appointment if you can’t make it or would like to reschedule.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, or a no call no show will result in a forfeiture of your deposit. Patients who are 15 minutes or more late for an appointment are considered a no show and their appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Medical Acupuncture-$320

An acupuncture session with the Doctor typically lasts 60 minutes and the cost is based upon the time and complexity.

  • $175 for up to 30 min

  • $320 for 31-60 min

Doctor Examining Patient
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Julie Rowin, MD LLC, Integrative Neurology

Verde Valley Naturopathic Medicine

1835 W. State Route 89A, Suite 3
Sedona, AZ 86336

For Appointments and Inquiries:

928-300-1565 -tel

928.852.2039 - fax

For more information and new patient forms visit: 

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