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Testimonial: Maria Zepeda

I am very grateful for Dr. Rowin.  I met Dr. Rowin about four years ago.  She has been instrumental in my healing and feeling better than I ever have since I was diagnosed.  I was diagnosed with Musk Myasthenia Gravis twenty one years ago at the age of 23. Luckily my diagnosis wasn’t that difficult to obtain.  It came on pretty strong and has been tough to keep under control until a few years ago. After my diagnosis, I was immediately put on mestinon and prednisone.   Years after cellcept was added. I also had a thymectomy and several rounds of IVIG. After many years of enduring the symptoms, the emotional toll, the horrible side effects I had had enough and set out to try something different anything to feel better.  As they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear and so did Dr. Rowin. I was ready.    

Through an integrative holistic approach and a great support team that is headed by Dr Rowin, I am happy to say that I have been off cellcept and mestinon well over two years now.  Apart from feeling better, getting sick less often, reducing my time in Dr’s offices, my symptoms have substantially lessened, I have a lot more energy and can do more of the things that I like. 

And now I want to help others in similar situations.  Through my coaching business, Healthy Heart, I am working with others that want to also feel better, improve their life, and get their life and health back.  

Thank you Dr. Rowin for doing what you do and for helping me feel better and get my life back.

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